Monday, September 04, 2017

Protect Rights of Justice Seekers: A Critical Analysis of Legal Aid Laws of Bangladesh

Protect Rights of Justice Seekers: A Critical Analysis of Legal Aid Laws of Bangladesh
The most two important weapons for the purpose of preventing social violence and development of societies are equality before law and ensuring social justice.

Legal aid signifies the very spirit of equality and equity protected in the modern notions of constitutional law, as so in the Constitution of Bangladesh. Both national and international arena the doctrines of equal treatment of law and fair judicial trial have found as one of the foundations of fundamental human rights. A significant number of people of Bangladesh are still underprivileged of their constitutional right of access to justice and fair judicial processes caused mainly by poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, oppression and exploitation. Legal aid is a tool of providing aid to the poor litigants and justice seekers who are unable to afford the high fees of lawyers and admittance to the court. In comparison with the old legal system in our country legal aid is relatively new.

Nowadays, legal aid can be arguably said as a crying need to ensure social and legal justice in Bangladesh because most of the citizens live below the poverty line which incidentally makes matters worse.

In this article I have discussed the constitutional basis of Legal aid in Bangladesh followed by an analysis of current legal provisions, the gaps, loopholes and complexities of the existing laws relating to legal aid services in Bangladesh and frame out a comprehensive solution for ensuring the aid program so that legal aid protects the justice seeker’s rights.

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