Thursday, December 13, 2007


A Will is a
document which ensures that your wishes with respect to your assets and property
are followed after your death.
There Often arises problems and complications 
when a person dies without a Will. Yet we put off making a Will, not realizing
the predicament we put our family in, after our death. It's a little effort that
goes a long way. You will find the answers to the questions you may have had on
making your Will, registering it and other relevant information.

face="arial, verdana" size=2>A class=blackbold>Will  is defined as "the
legal declaration of the intention of the testator, with respect to his
property, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death." In other
words, a Will or a Testament means a document made by person whereby he disposes
of his property, but such disposal comes into effect only after the death of the

class=blackbold>Codicil is an
instrument made in relation to a Will, explaining, altering or adding to its
dispositions and is deemed to be a part of the Will.

class=blackbold>Executorcolor=#996633> is the legal representative for all purposes of a deceased
person (testator) and all the property of a testator vests in him.

class=blackbold>Legatee/Beneficiary is
a person who inherits the property under a Will.

class=blackbold>Probate is a copy of
the Will, certified under the seal of a competent Court.

class=blackbold>Testator is a person
making a Will and executing it

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