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Get Instant Advice from Experts on Domestic violence

LockDown in India has seen a significant incidents of Domestic Violence in India. Legal Service has been flooded with phone calls and online Submissions. hence we have initiated a 10 minutes online chat with Legal Experts for Just Rs 1200/- to help you stride through this Ordeal.

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Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Mutual Divorce
Mutual Divorce in Delhi

Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

A good divorce lawyer in India can be found quite easily these days and if anyone ought to get the credit for it, it’s none other than the online legal service provider companies. Among them, Divorce Lawyer in Delhi is a company providing the service of locating one of the eminent legal consultants available.

As one is looking for a divorce lawyer in India for one’s case, there are a few things that one ought to keep in mind and they are the following:

Efficiency: In all professions, the efficiency of a person matters a lot. In divorce cases, one’s lawyer ought to present the client’s case efficiently by appropriately citing and optimally utilizing the legal precedents to ensure that the client’s case is on a strong footing. Therefore, it's imperative to find a divorce lawyer in India who can
  • Fees: The cost of legal service can easily shoot through the roof or skyrocket which is a matter of huge concern for anyone. Any layman would believe that legal procedures are typically expensive; really a myth. Divorce Lawyer in Delhi is on a mission to prove it otherwise. Divorce Lawyer in Delhi is transparent about the expenses in advance as it starts the process so that people are aware of how much it would cost them given the budget.
  • Knowledge: Lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the provisions of the law is well-versed about how to apply and the loopholes. This, in essence, makes the case stronger. Although it's no different than efficiency, neither is it similar. Efficiency is in relation to how it's applied in the practical sense while knowledge is all about theory or theoretical knowledge.
  • Success Rate: When anyone searches for a good divorce lawyer in India, what it essentially means is that a divorce lawyer in India with a recent track record of winning similar cases. The yardstick for measuring the success of a divorce lawyer in India is in the number of cases won. One could go through the lawyer reviews on Divorce Lawyer in Delhi website for a listing of the best divorce lawyers and read about what the clients have to say.

Therefore, undoubtedly Divorce Lawyer in Delhi legal services are amongst the top websites to connect with Lawyer. Divorce Lawyer in Delhi is committed and dedicated to providing divorce lawyers on a case by case basis rather than on the basis of one-size-fits-all to favorably represent clients within their budget or in a cost-effective manner.

Divorce Lawyer in Delhi Ph no: 9650499965

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Reasons Why Copyright Registration is necessary For Copyright Protection of Creative Work

There are a bundle of benefits associated to registration of Creative Work and therefore it is highly recommended, one Should Copyright their Creative work These benefits include:
  1.  Infringement Action: Copyright Registration Gives you the legal Right to file a lawsuit against the infringers to enforce copyright.

    You must file an application for registration before you can sue someone for infringing your copyright, even if the infringement has already occurred.
  2. Copyright Registration is Evidence of Validity of Creative Work: It is evidence that your copyright is valid. This could be important if a copyright infringement case is brought involving the work.

    Filing your registration before or within 5 years of publishing your work will help you in the event that you need to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit in court. Your registration will satisfy a basic level of proof for the court of the validity of your copyright. This does not mean that your claim of copyright ownership is guaranteed. However, instead of having to prove that you are the actual copyright owner or that your work is protected by copyright, the other party will have to prove that you are not or that your work is not. While this may not seem like much of a distinction, you are in a stronger position in court if the presumption of copyright ownership is on your side.
  3. Statutory Damages and Advocate's Professional Fees: Registration also enables you to claim statutory damages and Advocate's Professional Fees.

    To be eligible for an award of statutory damages and attorneys’ fees in a copyright infringement case, the copyrighted work must be registered before infringement commences, or, if the work is published, within 3 months of publication. The statutory damages provision may be of help because copyright owners - particularly individual creators – often find it difficult to calculate and prove exactly the extent to which an infringement has harmed them. When applicable, statutory damages for infringing uses of a work usually entitle you to a pre-determined amount of damages.
  4. Copyrighting Creates a Public Record: It puts others on notice that your work is protected by copyright and that you are the copyright owner.

    Registration provides notice to the world of your copyright claim. Among other things, this helps people who wish to license your work to ascertain the status of your work and to find you.
  5. Satisfies Deposit Requirements: Subject to some exceptions, the Copyright Act requires that copyright owners deposit two copies their works with the Library of Congress within three months after the works have been published. This is commonly referred to as mandatory deposit. When a registration application is submitted to the Copyright Office the copies of works submitted with that application usually satisfy the Library’s independent deposit requirements.

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Concept of white-Collar Crime

Concept of white-Collar Crime
the concept of white-collar crime is usually associated with E.H. Sutherland whose penetrating work in this area focused the attention of criminologists on its demoralizing effects on the total crime picture. Sutherland pointed out that besides the traditional crimes such as assault, robbery, decoity, murder, rape, kidnapping, and other acts involving violence, there are certain anti-social activities which the persons of upper strata carry on in course of their occupation of business.

Reforms In Haryana Police System

Reforms In Haryana Police System

Haryana Police Act, 2007

Haryana Police follows theHaryana Police Act , 2007. This act provide a new state police law for establishment, regulations and management of the Police, redefine its role, duties and its responsibilities and to enable it to function as an efficient, professional, effective, people friendly by talking into account the emerging challenges of policing, enforcement of rule of law, the concern for security of state and the people, good governance and human rights.

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