Thursday, July 27, 2017

Aerial Hijacking and the International Law

Aerial Hijacking and the International Law
This article on the topic "Aerial Hijacking and the International Law" dicusses the incidence of international terrorism and the various international laws in the realm of treaties and customs signed and followed by nations in order to combat the problem.

It is an issue of severe importance as it not only endangers order and social security of States but also hampers communication, disrupts normal functions of nations and threatens life and property. A detailed analysis of various treaty laws signed and ratified by nations discuses the advantages as well their shortcomings for scope of improvement and amendment.

The September 11 attacks, probably the most destructive till date have also been discussed with respect to the application of various international treaties and customary laws. The purpose of this article is to understand the concept of aerial hijacking, what constitutes aerial hijacking in legal sense, the policies and procedures adapted for punishment and extradition, and suggestions for prevention of the same.
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